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Plastics Plus Technology has a full service tool shop in house capable of both maintaining and building tools.  You can rest assured that Plastics Plus Technology has the expertise necessary to build high quality tooling capable of meeting your production requirements.  Our collaborative manufacturing approach will help to ensure that we can build a tool that meets your needs while meeting your budgetary constraints.   Whether you require a single cavity tool or a multi-cavity hot runner tool our tooling experts can meet your expectations.  Our tooling is 100% made in the USA with quality components.  Quality tooling is is crucial for close tolerance plastic injection molding, Plastics Plus Technology has the equipment, personal and experience necessary to build quality tooling that meets even the most demanding requirements. Our in-house mold shop is focused on keeping your tooling up an running so you get parts when you need them.   If tooling breaks, we can generally fix it without having to rely on outside suppliers or expertise. This helps to minimize leadtime and reduces cost. PPT is committed to our stellar record of quality and delivery.

New Tooling


Prototype Tooling -  Many of the tools that we produce are complicated, large and expensive production tools. To reduce risk, it may be a good idea to build a small prototype tool as proof of concept.   This can help to fine tune the part or mold design and can make a larger more complex tool less risky. Our team has the expertise to produce low cost, limited production prototype tooling.  These tools can consist of aluminum or softer tool steels which enable us to keep the tooling production costs down.

Single Cavity Tooling - For smaller volumes, we can build single cavity tools to meet your production volume requirements.

Multi-Cavity Tooling -  Allowing for multiple cavities, can reduce your piece part pricing

Insert Molding-  Insert molding is a process in which plastic resin can be molded over an insert.  Inserts can be threaded inserts, bushings, specialized components, pins or any number of things.

Overmolding - Is a process in which one material is injected over another.  For instance, a soft TPE material is injected onto a more rigid resin.

Hot Runner Tooling - To reduce the cost of material on high volume parts or on products that utilize expensive material, a hot runner system can be developed.  Hot runner tooling eliminates the need for a cold runner and sprue which means that there is very little wasted material.   A hot runner system adds cost to tooling but material savings can pay for the expense very quickly.  Plastics Plus Technology has extensive experience with hot runner systems up to 32 cavities.