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    Value Added Services

    Value Added Services

    Plastics Plus Technology, Inc. offers more than just quality components, we offer piece of mind. Our team is focused on reducing your total cost of manufacturing.  We offer a wide array of value added services all focused on one goal, providing more value to our customers.

    These services include:

    Assembly PPT offers assembly services.   Our team has experience assembling products that must meet very stringent quality requirements. We can work with you in the product development phase of the project to make suggestions that may ease assembly time and lower the overall cost of the project.

    Packaging We can handle the final packaging requirements of your project,   Plastics Plus Technology can Sort, Bag, Tag, Box and even dropship finished products to your customers.

    Post Mold Machining There are many geometries that are just not possible with the injection molding process, sometimes tolerances require certain features to be machined after the molding processes.   PPT has the equipment and expertise necessary to complete this type of work in house.

    Ultrasonic Welding –  Ultrasonic Welding is a process that utilizes ultrasonic frequencies to heat and melt plastic.  The process can be used to join components together.   can be used to join parts.

    Heat Staking – Threaded inserts, compression limiters, studs and bushings can be installed after molding has been completed, the process utilizes ultrasonic equipment or machines which heat the insert, melt and displace the plastic around the retention features of knurles of the insert providing a strong interface for fastening and joining.

    Hot Stamping – This process can be used for part marking with customer specific information like part number, lot number, time etc.   It is a simple process where the typeset is melted into the plastic.

    Pad Printing – Plastics Plus Technology offers pad printing services for parts that we mold.   Pad printing can be used to add graphics, such as a logo, text or coloration to a part.   


    These are just a few of the services that we have to offer, we evaluate each project on a case by case basis and make recommendations utilizing our total cost methodology.