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Plastics Plus Technology, Inc. - USA injection molding

    Going Green with Biodegradable materials

    The world is producing more and more plastic waste everyday and it is important that designers take into account how their products will be discarded once they reach end of life. Traditional resin materials do not break down because bacteria do not have the capacity to break down the chemical bonds that the resin compounds

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    Plastics Plus Technology dedicates new molding machine

    Plastics Plus Technology has dedicated a new molding machine to two of our long term employees. The new machine will be named Maisy, in honor of Maria and Deisy who have been with Plastics Plus Technology for over 30 years. The Machine will be fitted with decals and an inscription that reads “In honor of

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    Kathy Bodor Nominated for the Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award

    We would like to congratulate Kathy Bodor for making it to the finals for the 2016 inland empire spirit of the entrepreneur award. Hundreds of applicants were reviewed and judged based on their character, leadership innovation, performance and entrepreneurial vision and Kathy was selected as one of 25 finalists and invited to a black tie

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    PPT has added a new, all electric injection molding machine

    In an effort to keep up with the latest technology and improve efficiency, Plastics Plus Technology has added a new injection molding machine to our production floor.   The new 55 ton Toyo all electric injection molding machine is faster and more efficient than a standard hydraulically operated machine.  Since there are no hydraulic components the

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    Plastics Plus Participates in MFG Day 2015

    Plastics Plus Technology opened its doors and provided the community with a chance to see its operations as a part of manufacturing day 2015.  Manufacturing Day is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers says the event organizers and it takes place at companies throughout the united states.”  Companies open

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