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    Environmental Responsibility

    PPT recognizes that we have a responsibility to protect the earth for future generations and we have employed a number of new initiatives to help ensure that we reduce our impact on the environment. 100% of the scrap that we produce gets recycled through our resin recycling program. Whenever possible, we utilize environmentally friendly biodegradable resins derived from renewable resources such as corn starch.

    Plastics Plus Technology is a “partner” in operation clean sweep which is an international program with the goal of eliminating plastic resin pollution from our waterways and the worlds oceans. We have established systems in house to control and eliminate pellet loss ensuring that we do not pollute our oceans.

    In 2016, Plastics Plus Technology has reduced our energy footprint by over 65% through investments in LED lighting, and more energy efficient equipment. We have also reduced our water usage significantly by installing a closed loop chiller system which replaced our large inefficient cooling tower. Plastics Plus Technology is constantly looking at new ways to improve and reduce our impact on the environment.