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Plastic Plus Technology Receives Special Recognition Award From City of Hope

Every year, PPT donates a portion of its profits to City of Hope to help fund cancer research and the latest treatment efforts. Our motto is “Contributing to better lives” and PPT strives to have a positive impact on the lives of our customers, employees and the community in which we live.  

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Tariffs on Chinese Producers

Tariffs have increased the cost of buying products from China.   Components commonly used in injection molded products have been affected as well.  These components include terminals that are used in electrical components, various inserts and other materials produced in China.  At this time the tariff adds approximately 10% to the cost of the good sold

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Ebook: A Guide to Lean Manufacturing

SME’s (small manufacturing enterprises) rely on lean production processes to eliminate wasted in time and money. This leads to helping customers more efficiently, effectively and for a lower cost. Our eBook/ informational brochure goes in-depth into what lean manufacturing is, how it can help reduce waste and ultimately lower costs. Click Here to Download eBook!

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