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Solutions Through Collaboration

PPT works very closely with our suppliers to improve materials, processes or to solve problems.  Engineers from Polyone (pictured)  were out to evaluate new material formulations which may help to reduce cycle times.   In this particular case, Polyone delivered several special formulations for PPT to evaluate in a particular tool.  Our molding manager setup and

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Scrap For School

Plastics Plus Technology had been working with the Inland Empire United Way to help make the community better.   You may remember in our last newsletter that we packed lunches for needy school children in the area.   The United way has another program which supplies students and teachers with many school supplies which may be un-affordable

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Design Considerations For Overmolding

Overmolding is the process of injection molding a component using two different materials. Typically a rigid material is overmolded with a soft thermoplastic elastomer(TPE). There are many different reasons why you may choose to overmold, these reasons include: styling, weatherproofing or ergonomics. There is no doubt that you have seen parts that have been produced

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