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Rudy Murillo: Engineer Intern

Company Spotlight: Intern Engineer Rudy Murillo

Plastics Plus was delighted to welcome Rudy Murillo to the team this summer as an Intern Engineer. Rudy, a local Californian, is pursuing his degree in manufacturing engineering at Arizona State University: Polytechnic Campus in Mesa, AZ. In his education, Rudy worked on various projects that required programming, machining, design, concept development and everything in

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Why Companies Should Consider Biodegradable, Compost or Other Forms of Sustainable Packaging

Preface: The packaging industry is currently on blast, meaning, there are hundreds if not thousands of reports on how single-use and nonrecyclable packaging is devastating some of the most beautiful places on the planet. There have been disturbing videos of trash, debris, and indecomposable plastics washing up on shore in waves, literally. Single-use plastics are

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Introduction to PPT

Want to learn more about our business? Here’s a quick introductory presentation made with Powtoon to give you an insight on what we do!

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