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PPT Day!

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Plastics Plus technology invited all of its employees and their family’s over for  good old fashioned party.  When I mean old fashioned, I mean old fashioned.   With the exception of the slot cars, DJ, Bounce house, and Taco guy, you may not have noticed that we are in 2019.  The party was centered around a performance by the mountain fifes and drums.

The mountain fifes and drums attended and provided a stellar performance, demonstrating 18th century military music and history.    Fifes and drums were the communications on the battle field during the revolutionary war and an immensely important part of the battlefield at the time.   The mountain fifes and drums is made up of boys and girls ages 10-18 and they learn over 300 different tunes by the time they reach the top level.  They perform 25-35 annual public service events all over the country.

Between each tune, was a brief lesson about the history of the song or some interesting tidbits about their equipment or uniforms.  Did you know that George Washington’s favorite song is called Chester?  I didn’t but now i do.

Rob Pellandini, our IT Director is one of the program directors in charge of instructing the Drum core.   The Fife and Drums organization had an auction to raise money and Kathy Bodor, our president was lucky enough to win auction and was able to have a performance where ever she wanted (just not on 4th of July).

PPT day was a great success with over 120 people attending.   The weather was perfect and it is always fun to see our coworkers outside of the normal work setting.  This was a very memorable, and fun for all of those who attended.








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