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Solutions Through Collaboration

PPT works very closely with our suppliers to improve materials, processes or to solve problems.  Engineers from Polyone (pictured)  were out to evaluate new material formulations which may help to reduce cycle times.   In this particular case, Polyone delivered several special formulations for PPT to evaluate in a particular tool.  Our molding manager setup and run each of the materials and sampled them according to our project plan.   Samples were evaluated by our quality department and feed back was given instantaneously.  Since Polyone engineering was in house to see the test, they could determine what tweaks may be required to the chemistry to improve the formulation.

This is type of activity quite common here at PPT throughout the year.  This year, we have worked closely with companies like Polyone, Star, Teknor Apex, RTP, on process and formulation.   All of this is in an effort to achieve continual improvement over various aspects of our business.

This year alone PPT has brought suppliers in to improve equipment, materials, streamline processes and inspection, integrate robotics and find better packaging solutions.  We work closely with our suppliers and we utilize their expertise wherever possible to help improve our supply chain and make our company more competitive.

Pictured Below

Left to Right:  John Scoarste(Polyone), Spencer Morris(Polyone), Jose Avalleneda(PPT), Luis Gonzales(Polyone), Richard Pothier (PPT)

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