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Scrap for School

Plastics Plus Technology had been working with the Inland Empire United Way to help make the community better.   You may remember in our last newsletter that we packed lunches for needy school children in the area.   The United way has another program which supplies students and teachers with many school supplies which may be un-affordable for lower income schools or families. Their facility is equipped with a “store” complete with isles full of pencils, papers, and any other school supplies you can think of.   Students and teachers come buy and pick up supplies at no cost as they need them.

We were looking for ways in which PPT may be able to support this effort and decided that we can donate pencil boxes.  PPT owns several molds that can produce various sizes of plastic boxes.   To keep costs down we manufactured the boxes from regrind scrap material left over from other parts  Normally this material would be sent to a material recycler, however in this case it was given new life as a pencil box for needy children in the area.

The boxes were a success and the united way was very happy to receive the donation.   PPT was happy to have an opportunity to help and to give new life to material that would have otherwise been scrapped.

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