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Pack a Lunch!

PPT employees volunteered for a day at the Inland Empire United Way. Our employees worked together to pack over 500 sack lunches for needy children throughout the area. Nutrition has been recognized as an important contributor to how well children learn in school. Many Children in the area recieve their only meals while attending school, this means that they have nothing to eat over the weekend. How well do you think you would perform at work on Monday morning having not eaten over the weekend?

The United Way works directly with School districts and their school counselors to identify children who may be at the highest risk for hunger in the area. Every Friday, the Kids Pack Program provides over 2000 sack lunches to schools throughout the area.

PPT Volunteered for the Kids Pack Program and together we were able to pack over 500 lunches. These pack lunches looked delicious and included: cup ‘o’ noodles, peaches, pudding, granola bars, Cheese and Crackers, Cheez-its, water and utensils. Our employees made quick work of the assembly line, quickly applying their knowledge of lean tools and conducting on the fly Kaizen improvements to maximize productivity. If there is one, we may have set a world record for how quickly lunches can be packed while achieving stellar levels of quality.

In all seriousness though, We will be looking forward to more opportunities to work with the United Way. There are many areas in which they help the local community and this aligns with our social responsibility program. Thanks to the United Way and to our employees for helping us to Contribute to Better lives.


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