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2019 January

8th Annual Manufacturers’ Summit

Plastics Plus Technology will have a display booth set up at the up at the Annual Manufacturers summit on Thursday, February 14th 2019 at the Riverside Convention Center. This event is put on by the Manufacturers Council of the Inland Empire who’s Aim is to provide education on manufacturing topics to companies, individuals, and the

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Design Considerations For Overmolding

Overmolding is the process of injection molding a component using two different materials. Typically a rigid material is overmolded with a soft thermoplastic elastomer(TPE). There are many different reasons why you may choose to overmold, these reasons include: styling, weatherproofing or ergonomics. There is no doubt that you have seen parts that have been produced

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That Time our President Met Jay Leno

In around 1993 GE Plastics had a program where they recognized many of the women in the plastics industry. Our very own President,  Kathy Bodor was selected to be a part of this group of woman from all around the country. The program was called GE’s Women of Plastics.  All of the Nominees were invited to NBC

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