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Rudy Murillo: Engineer Intern

Plastics Plus was delighted to welcome Rudy Murillo to the team this summer as an Intern Engineer. Rudy, a local Californian, is pursuing his degree in manufacturing engineering at Arizona State University: Polytechnic Campus in Mesa, AZ. In his education, Rudy worked on various projects that required programming, machining, design, concept development and everything in between. This summer he was able to apply his knowledge and work directly with our project managers in developing automated tools to expand the company’s capabilities. Rudy was able to bring fresh ideas to the table, gain valuable insight into the world of manufacturing and help take Plastics Plus a step forward. He will be returning to Arizona this week to finish school and start his new position. We wish Rudy all the best in his upcoming graduation, his new position, and future endeavors.

As he leaves for Arizona, Rudy was able to give his final reflection on his experience:


What was your first exposure to manufacturing/ engineering?

My first exposure to engineering was during my visit to the Naval Academy where engineering (in several disciplines) is the main degree offered by the University. During the week, we observed many examples and acts of science (mainly physics) in the study halls where the Midshipman(students) attended their classes. 

What fascinates you about M&E?

The idea that everything is made, whether it is on a small or large scale; and the method that is used to create a product can determine the overall success of a company. Manufacturing is always changing and evolving so rapidly that the idea of full-scale automation does not seem like a far-fetched concept. To be part of a generation that will be working closely with new technology is exciting, especially to experience the power available to us first-hand thanks to such technology.


Pictured: Rudy working hard in the tool room on his project.


What was it like working at Plastics Plus? 

My experience at PPT was awesome! Seeing and interacting with some of the various machines was different and insightful on how some operations are run. I was forced to think outside of the box and find possible solutions for abstract movements and processes.

What useful skills have you learned as an intern here?

I worked a lot with SolidWorks, which is crucial because manufacturing involves a lot of modeling and programming. That process is vital to making a viable tool capable of manufacturing quality parts. I also had the opportunity to work hands-on with a milling machine and learned different methods of setting up and making good cuts in aluminum.

What are your goals following graduation? 

The biggest goal I have after graduation is to put myself out of my comfort zone wherever I go. I hope to learn new skills that will follow me for the rest of my life and have opportunities that I would never have before.

Looking back, what are some of the highlights of your experience?

Overall, the internship was a great learning experience and I have learned quite a bit of information because of the mistakes that I made. I definitely know that I underestimated the time to machine the final box for the pressing machine in the hopes that I had enough time to finish it. I will definitely take the lessons and skills that I have learned at PPT and take them with me on my future endeavors wherever they may take me.


Thanks for coming aboard with us this summer Rudy, and good luck!

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