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Plastics Plus Technology dedicates new molding machine

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Plastics Plus Technology has dedicated a new molding machine to two of our long term employees. The new machine will be named Maisy, in honor of Maria and Deisy who have been with Plastics Plus Technology for over 30 years. The Machine will be fitted with decals and an inscription that reads “In honor of Maria Cordova & Deisy Quintanilla”

The new machine is a 200 ton Toyo all electric injection molding machine. This servo driven machine is more efficient, faster and more repetitive. The lack of hydraulics on the machine reduces the risk of contamination and will be important when we add our clean room operation. This machine is equipped with the latest in molding technology and it should serve as a valuable addition to our factory floor.

We are proud and thankful for the contributions that our employees have made to help build the company into what it is today and we are excited to get this machine up and running!

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