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Plastics Plus Participates in MFG Day 2015

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Plastics Plus Technology opened its doors and provided the community with a chance to see its operations as a part of manufacturing day 2015.  Manufacturing Day is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers says the event organizers and it takes place at companies throughout the united states.”  Companies open their doors to their local communities to demonstrate how modern manufacturing companies operate and to get youth excited about a career in the manufacturing sector

This was the first time that PPT has held such event and it was a tremendous success as members of the Community, students, and local government officials  visited to learn about our operation at Plastics Plus Technology.  The tours began at 10 a.m. and continued until 2. Guests included Redlands’ former mayor, Rep. Pete Aguilar, D-San Bernardino, and Councilman John James.what modern manufacturing entails.

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